Master Bath Renovation

This renovation has taken quite a while.  I think we started phase 1 (wood floors and sink) way back in December.  Phase 2 (shower rebuild + shower door install) was completed last week and we could not be more please with how everything turned out.  For this project, we opted to contract most of the work out.  We could have done it ourselves, but with a wee one on the way we knew we had a definite deadline that it needed to get finished by and I am not too much help these days!  So, we did the painting, baseboards, sink, mirror, shelves and lights and left the floors and shower to the professionals.  Our room and bathroom were part of an extension to the house done +/- 10 years ago.  The finishes they chose were not our style or up to our standard (the disgusting carpet) so we could not wait to start ripping stuff out!

Entry to bathroom-before. The two drawers under our sinks was the only storage we had in the whole bathroom!

Bathroom-before. There was a nice 12″ step up into the shower. I wish I had gotten a picture of the tile before, but it was basically what was on the floor.

Bathroom-before. Yes, we had a dresser in the corner! We had nowhere to put anything!

During-Handy Hubs working on the plumbing

During-rebuilding the shower, yikes!. We had them drop the shower down to be level with the floor and pour a new concrete shower pan.

After-light, bright and clean!

The new shower! I LOVE the sliding shower door! Perfect for maximizing space in our small bathroom!

No more dresser! There is plenty of room for all of our our stuff in the 4 drawers under the double sink + open shelving for towels and TP.

Love our compact sink unit. It doesn’t dwarf our bathroom, but provides SO much storage!

Here’s my top drawer, I really think this is my favorite part of the whole bathroom!

So, there you have it!  Our compact bathroom makeover!  It is so much more light and airy now and we both just love being able to look out into the back yard while we shower!

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2 responses to “Master Bath Renovation

  1. curt

    Great job! The color palette is perfect and the sliding door is genius in this space. The details make a room and you did it perfectly!

  2. Ah! The feeling of non-clutter, it feels like walking into a garden of roses, doesn’t it? Simply beautiful

    -Irwin Zinkin

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